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Man In The Mirror

As Jay often reminds us, following the Narrative Lectionary helps us to see parts of stories that are not often explored OR sometimes we get one part of a really big story. This week we experience the latter with the story of David and Nathan.

David is a person we hear many stories about, and they are complex and layered. The part of the story we’re listening to today helps us to look at what it means to reflect, and to reflect deeply. One person who helps us to look at this story is one of our members, who is currently a supply ministry agent at Sandringham, Belinda Clear. She writes:

‘Time and time again, the bible pulls us back, or stops us in our tracks and reminds us of the value that God places on the least and the powerless. As we reach the end of this part of David’s story, we find a much more remorseful and compassionate version of this man. The narrative that Nathan shares with David draws him and us, as future readers, into a social and personal reality. Nathan’s story explores elements of societal abuse of power and how the ‘choices’ of those with power impact on the vulnerable. The narrative also has a personal element as we are so often blind to our own faults and quick to judge the faults of others. The mirror that is held up in this narrative invites us to reflect on the part that we each play in both communal and personal decisions and actions, as well as how such actions may be interpreted by others and what affect they may have….’

Is there anyone who helps you to see yourself a little differently?

Perhaps their words are sharp, like Nathan’s—or perhaps they are moments in the day that help us to reflect on how our words and actions impact others?

Kelly Skilton

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