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"130 years ago on the evening of Sunday 13th July 1890, a disused hay and corn store in Murrumbeena was the site of the first Presbyterian Worship Service in the district. A little wooden Church was erected by members in Dunoon Street in 1893, removed to Murrumbeena Road (east side) in 1903, extended, and used for Worship until the present Church was opened in May 1934 named 'St. Giles'.

After combining with the local Methodists in 1975 (whom began in 1912), the congregation became part of the Uniting Church in 1977. In July 1990, several hundred present and former members attended a joyful Centenary Celebration. Since then the Parish as changed name and shape several times, to become Koornang Uniting Church in 2003; renamed to Murrumbeena Uniting Church in 2017.

The 1975 Union plaque, the 1987 Sanctuary redevelopment plaque, and the Centenary plaque (given by the City of Caulfield), which were removed 

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during the most recent renovations, are back on the walls of the Memorial Chapel with many others. Take time to visit the Chapel and its memorials, read the inscriptions on the dedicated church furniture and piano, look at the beautiful inset and free-standing stained-glass windows - gathered from each church building that has led to becoming Murrumbeena Uniting - the Memorial Book, foundations stones and garden inscriptions. Their stories are a powerful witness to the life and word of God's faithful people in the past and they challenge us today to look for God's guidance for the future, as we continue this 130 year journey.

'We'll praise God for all that is past, and trust God for all that's to come.' " 

- Anne Don, Murrumbeena Uniting Librarian and Archivist 

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