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At Murrumbeena Uniting we believe that being a joyful and supportive Christian community is maintaining outreach programs that minster to the needs identified within the community. If you would like to know how to get involved in any of these groups, feel free to contact Sue in the office; her contact details are at the bottom of the site. 

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Out the back of the church we have the Murrumbeena Community Garden.  Gardeners are able to meet together with the community and build friendships with people who share the garden space. We have school groups as well as community groups, such as Yooralla, who come help this garden flourish. 
There are many gatherings run to learn and up-skill so that we are able to continually grow in our sustainability practices. 
Applications for availabilities can be submitted to 

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As part of the ministries at Murrumbeena, you might not find Jay and Kelly at the church building, but rather they will be on campus at Monash University, Caulfield. They are a part of the multi-faith Chaplaincy team. If you would like to know more of the outreach that is done at Monash, feel free to check it out

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Men’s Group is all about the men of our community meeting together to enjoy each other’s company, offer advice and build friendships-hence the name 'Friendship Fellas'. Men from all ages are welcome to come along! We meet together monthly, alternating between breakfast on a Saturday morning and dinner on an evening • it is definitely an enjoyable group of people who are welcoming and chatty. If you would like to know when the Men’s Group will meet next, feel free to contact the office. 

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On the first Saturday of the month the Knitting & Craft Circle meet together in the afternoon at the church to create, make, discuss and chat. It is a fun group full of a lot of different craft and art projects that people can do individually or can start together. There are opportunities for people to learn new skills and ask for help with projects too.
If this is something you would love to do but feel like you cannot get to the church, feel free to let us know and we can organise a lift for you!

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LIFT (Ladies In Fellowship Together) is the Women’s Group of our community gathering to enjoy each other’s company, chat together and build friendships. Women of all ages are welcome to come along, and we meet together monthly over breakfast on a Saturday morning. It is an enjoyable group of people and every time we gather, there is coffee! Who would not love that?

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‘Mainly Music’ is a Christian-based, interactive, developmental, spiritual and social program for children under 5 and their carer’s who meet on Tuesdays at our Murrumbeena Uniting Church for 1 hour of FUN which includes: Music, Dance, Rhymes, Instrument Time & God Songs! We follow this with a time of fellowship, food & chatting. Our mainly music program is a much loved and needed outreach program which serves the wider communities surrounding our church. Come join in sometime and you will no doubt, feel God’s beautiful Holy Spirit throughout our church as connections are made and friendships are formed all whilst building God’s Kingdom here at Murrumbeena Uniting!
Please feel free to join us at our  11.00-12.00 session during each school term.

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A part of a team Jay visits the community at Victoria By The Park. Once a quarter she shares communion, conversation and a small sermon with those who are wanting to connect in to Christian fellowship. 

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