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It's Time to Stop

Well, Pentecost - what a lovely time it has been to listen more closely to what it means for Holy Spirit to come and move among us. Now we have been reminded that the Spirit is moving with in us—still today!—what does that mean for ‘who we are’?

Over the coming weeks we are going to be having conversations around Identity. This might be things talking about who we are individually or it could be about who we are as community.

You may remember in the pewsheet reflection a few weeks ago I wrote about what it means to be stuck in the ‘fight and flight’ mode. Currently people are looking at the effects a global pandemic has upon society, and it has been noted that majority of peoples and organisations are ‘locked’ into a ‘flight and/or fight’ outlook on life. Living in this mindset for a long period of time is not only damaging to ones health, but it also does not allow for growth, rest and life to flourish (If you want more information on this, then feel free to message through). When we are locked in the fight and flight of life questions of achievement, performance and finances become the dominant system that we define ourselves by, and we try and ‘control’ from. Even more notable is that being ‘stuck’ in a fight and flight system has said that it is near impossible to care deeply and fully about the person next to you - the hard reality of us as a community of Jesus followers, is that we are wholly focused on caring about the person next to us.

So if we are ‘stuck’ in this flight and flight outlook on life, it is time we stopped for a bit. It is time to stop and take a look at ourselves.

Who are you?

Stop, and ask yourself ‘What is God saying to you?’ Are the questions around ‘achievement’ and ‘performance’ such a constant in your life that you have forgotten what it means to live? Who have you been created as?

How is it with your soul?

Is it time to remember to slow down—to stop, to intentionally ask ourselves ‘who am I?’ Who are you, and how is the Spirit working through you?

Kelly Skilton

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