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Bumper Sticker Theology - God is my co-pilot

30 July, 2023

This Sunday is the fourth in the series on “Bumper-Sticker Theology”, with the slogan “God is my co-pilot”. This subject is difficult to preach on, because God should not be a co-pilot, but rather the captain of the aircraft, as well as the master navigator.

The Bible readings for today feature Peter’s admonishing Jesus, that He would not be killed in Jerusalem, and Jesus’ response. This is a better subject to preach on, so I will talk about misguided love for God.

Using the examples of Peter, Paul, Moses and Jephthah, we learn that actions that are driven by misguided love for God, or by over-zealousness, can result in disaster, unless God steps in to prevent this from happening.

Jesus told Peter that he did not know what he was talking about, so He vigorously rejected Peter’s advice. Jesus also stepped in to prevent Paul doing any more damage to the fledgling church, and in fact to turn Paul around, so that he became a fierce advocate for Jesus and for the church.

However, God did not prevent Moses and Jephthah from their actions, nor from suffering the consequences.

We also, must look to the Lord for wisdom and firm resolve to avoid acting misguidedly or overzealously. However, even when we act foolishly or rashly, we should also know that God’s will will be accomplished despite our errors or sins.

Peter Barnes.

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