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What Is Our Harvest?

As we come to the last week in our series on the vine and the branches, we are going to focus on what is our harvest. Last week we named the Fruit of the Spirit as the apostle Paul gives us in Galatians 5. Anne also gave us a poster that helps to give us some understanding of these fruit. LOVE – seeks the highest good of others JOY – gladness that is not based on circumstances PEACE – contentment, unity between people PATIENCE – slow to speak and slow to anger KINDNESS – merciful, sweet and tender GOODNESS – generous and open hearted FAITHFULNESS – dependable, loyal, and full of trust GENTLENESS – humble, calm, non-threatening SELF-CONTROL – behaving well. Some of the words used above may be a bit foreign or not how we would describe those fruit, but this is what I want to explore today. It is our understanding of what these fruit mean and how they impact our lives that influence the harvest that comes from bearing these fruit. As I said last week, if we as followers of Christ should have all of these fruit, what does that look like? All of these fruit that we are expected to bear come from deep within us. Their harvest, or how the world might see these fruit, separates us from others. Think about the people you know and connect with in one way or another. If you took each person, one person at a time, and looked to see if they were bearing this fruit what would you see? I can think of two people that I know who bear all these fruit, almost all the time that I am with them. We all are able to bear this fruit, and we do, but if I’m truthful with myself it’s a pretty rare day that I manage to bear them all at the same time. I wonder what the world would be like if these fruit were visibly present in our everyday lives. It’s actually hard to imagine. And then I remember the telling of Christ in the temple upturning the tables at the market there. That was anger with a system that was hurting others, so slow to anger does not mean no anger at all. Our verses this morning begin with the first of the Fruit – love. Love is what should guide us, influence us and be at the source of all our actions. Paul tells us that love is the greatest of all. I’m inclined to agree with him. Jay Robinson

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