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The Mercy Seat

Where do we begin?

Another week of lockdown, and another week of online worship together - thank goodness for the mercies that technology continues to give us; from phone calls, to microphones, to hearing-aids, and even allowing us to stay connected in real and tangible ways.

This week we take a little jump away from the lectionary as our reading, Hebrews 9:1-15, is not it either of the Narrative or Revised Common Lectionaries - and that is because I chose it specifically to share with us all this week. Earlier this year I caught up with my spiritual director and we spent some time unpacking the stories around the Tabernacle, which led us to a discussion around The Mercy Seat.

You may be wondering what The Mercy Seat is, rest assured I will address it on Sunday, but if you cannot wait till then I have attached a picture of The Ark of the Covenant, and if you cannot wait till Sunday it is always just one google search away.

Having the opportunity to share with you all on a communion Sunday, I could not pass the chance to break open ‘The Mercy Seat’ conversation around the Communion table together. Make sure that you have your elements ready for Sunday as we continue to be a gathered community as dispersed peoples. Kelly Skilton

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