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Ruth • Trust in God

Today we head to the 2nd of only 2 books in the Bible named after women. If you haven’t read the book of Ruth for some time, I highly recommend you taking the time to do so. As Heather, who is sharing with us today, says it’s not a big book and easy to read.

As I have listened to Heather sharing one of the things that came to me, and Heather says this as well, is the trust in God that Ruth and Naomi have. This is mirrored in our reading from Proverbs today. Proverbs is a book that contained numerous sayings and instructions that is thought to have been written by King Solomon. It is one of the wisdom books of the Hebrew scriptures and its primary purpose is to teach wisdom, not only to the young and inexperienced but also to the learned. Proverbs personifies wisdom as an idealistic woman. Hence the saying “Lady Wisdom”.

This idea of trusting in God comes easily to some and not so easily to others. It’s almost one of those things that is easier to say rather than do. A dictionary definition of trust, as a verb so something we do, says that to trust is to “rely upon or place confidence in someone or something”. Unfortunately, many of us can think of times when we’ve relied on someone or something only to be disappointed. This can make it even harder to rely on God, but that is what the wisdom literature of the Jews tells us, it is what the disciples and Paul tells us to do and most importantly, it is what Jesus wants us to do.

Belinda Clear is continuing in her journey of serving God and the Church. She has trusted in the Church Council and in the Presbytery to see the things she has done and to listen to her story of call to serve the Church. She is currently in the middle of the Synod Selection Conference where the members of the selection panel sit with Belinda’s (and others) journeys, listen for the call of God amongst that all and discern if that call is towards Ordained Ministry. Belinda can only trust in God because it is God who is calling her. All she, and we, can do is hope that the church hears that call for her as well. Trust is what must happen in this process and that trust rests with God. Not an easy thing to do.

What does it look like for us when we put our trust in God? What are the things that we give to God in trust? Are they the big things that we actually have no control over, or are they the little things that don’t really matter much if it all goes what we would consider wrongly?

Jay Robinson

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