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Humility for Humanity

Last week we started our conversations around Identity. I hope that you have been able to find some time this week to think more about who you are. Stepping into the practice of taking the time to remember who we are at our core is paramount to being able to live out our calling as Christ followers. Often we try and respond the question of ‘Who am I?’ with Christian ‘lingo’ - focusing on what it means that our Identity is found in Christ; but last week I asked the question of what it would mean to take a deeper look. God calls you beloved, child, worthy and cherished. But taking a deeper look means pushing passed these ‘transformation’ words, and asking ourselves who is God loving, who is God calling child, who is God declaring worthy and who is God cherishing? Taking the time to ask these questions helps us to connect with who we are at our core, and in turn mean we can build authentic relationships with others. The reading from Philippians today reminds us what it means to connect with others, and to step forward with the example that Christ led from - what it means to be Christlike. In being Christlike we are looking at what it means to love your neighbour as yourself, so who is this ‘yourself’ we are called to love others like? Chapter 2 in Philippians talks about humility. It reminds us that who we are should be deeply connected to the person next to us, as this relationship with each other is what keeps us in unity with Christ. So how do we posture ourselves with humility toward one another? What does it mean to build authentic, transformative relationships with others, and how do we see Christ’s life as an example we strive to be like? Kelly Skilton

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