Go Build

This passage may be familiar to you for a couple of reasons. Firstly, some of you may remember that last year as part of our Unraveled series we had this very same reading, and we held the service out in the garden as a nod to the instructions given by Jeremiah. Secondly, and probably more likely is that you may know too well verse 11, brought to you by coffee mugs, posters, ornamental crosses, fridge magnets & t-shirts. I know that I have been one to gift and receive an item or two with Jeremiah 11 written across them, and perhaps you may have as well. But the text we are exploring today is far deeper and far richer than that highly misquoted verse. Yes, this reading is about hope but it is not to be understood as individualistic or instantaneous (I will unpack this on Sunday). At it’s core this readings purpose can be found in verses 5-7, where; the exiled Jewish community were instructed to build houses, plant gardens and grow their families - all things focused on ‘staying put’. For the Jewish people this was an uneasy, unknown and unplanned time period. We read in the previous Chapter that Hananiah informed the Jewish community they would be home in a couple of years. The community had rested on this story, but it wasn't long until we uncover Hananiah