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Do We Need To Ask Anything Else?

This week we continue on the path of moving forward from where we’ve been for the last 4 weeks. We’ll take some time to consider thoughts that we have, experiences and dreams or hopes that we have. I was listening to a podcast this week (something I do as I walk each morning) that talked about the reassurance that Christ gave to his followers in John 14:12 Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father. If we believe in Christ we will do the works that Jesus did, but also greater works than those that Christ did whilst on earth. This is our challenge, I believe. Christ showed us his care for all no matter the way in which the community may have labelled the person. Christ healed wherever and whenever he could, now I’m not necessarily suggesting we should be physically healing people, but we can certainly be open, accepting and respecting and that will heal deeply. Christ listened, fed and cherished those he came into contact with, accepting all, judging none. This is our challenge. To be as Christ in the community and through our actions, thoughts and words be open to everyone. But this is not easy. In this time of pandemic we struggle to connect due to restrictions, but we also see the hurt, the anxiety and the loneliness of those around us. We need to take whatever we can to help us reach out and be open to all. But we also need to admit that we will need help from each for this to happen. There will be places, attitudes, expectations and people we will struggle with. We need to accept that, to try to work through that and at all times maintain respect and grace. There will be opportunities to show how we are being Christ in our community, times when we will be great at this and times when we won’t be. As we leave this series, I encourage you to commit to being all that you were created in God’s image to be. Active members of the Kingdom of God who are working towards doing greater works than Christ did. I know the world today needs this so much, just as we each need it for ourselves. Jay Robinson

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