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Elijah and the prophets of Baal – Making a choice for God

22 October, 2023

Elijah lived at a time when evil was rampant over the land of Israel.  Queen Jezebel was running amok, killing the Lord’s priests and forcing the God’s people to worship a pagan god, BaaL


As punishment, God sent a severe drought over all the land – everyone was suffering.


This was now the correct time for the Israelites to make a firm decision whether to worship God or Baal.


So the Lord instructed Elijah to go to Mt Carmel and challenge the priests of Baal to a duel by fire.  Whichever God could light the fire for a burnt sacrifice would be proved to be the real God.  The other would be a charlatan.


Although the priests of Baal tried hard, they could not pursuade their (non-existent) god to light the fire.  However, Israel’s God was easily able to light the fire (in a spectacular fashion).


Thus, the Israelites aligned themselves with their God.  The chose to serve Him.


In the choices we have to make on a regular basis, do we consciously choose to serve God, to do His will?


Let us support and encourage each other to be able to do this.


Peter Barnes

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