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The Journey

Today we hear from Pam Wight and Marg Reid as they share their heroes – Barnabus and Paul. Both of these followers of Christ were heavily involved in the spreading of the gospel to the world and went on numerous journeys to share that good news. They had also undertaken personal journeys regarding their faith and their relationships. Both trusted in God and had encountered Christ in their own ways and therefore had the faith to step out into the unknown. Our passage in Hebrews talks of Abraham having the faith to take all he owned and travel to a place that God had promised him, even though he had no idea where he was journeying to. I think I can honestly say that none of us know where our discipleship will lead us. For some it may be in church leadership or even ordination, for others it will be in invaluable service of one kind or another, for others it will be that very special pastoral care we get to give to someone - or even to receive it, it may be that your story will inspire someone else, we just never know. As we listen to our stories of Biblical heroes and heroines we are beginning to realise the impact that others can have on our lives, and that we can have on others. As we journey in our relationship with Christ and become more accustomed to how God wants us to live we begin to show to the world just what a disciple of Christ is. I believe part of the journey is the challenge to try to be ready for whatever comes. That’s never easy, our stories about Paul and Barnabus tell us that in no uncertain terms. There were great times, there were close times and there were times of conflict and estrangement. But the main focus of their journey was the sharing of the love of Christ. This should be our focus as well. We will also experience ups and downs, side tracks and even get lost from time to time, but the journey will continue and our companions will always include Jesus. Jay Robinson

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