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Following Unconventional Advice

Welcome to our new series! For the next 6 weeks we are exploring Hebrews 11 & 12 as well as Biblical Heroes or Heroines. Each week one or two of you will be sharing your hero/heroine and we’ll be exploring some themes around them as well as Hebrews. I hope you are going to enjoy hearing from different people as we explore both well-known, not so well-known Old and New Testament people. This week we hear of the story of Naaman the Syrian and why Peter Barnes has chosen this character to share with us. I’ll be picking up on a couple of themes including our title Following Unconventional Advice as well as some carry over from last week and our growing up in relationship with God. I’m not telling you the story – Peter is doing that – but I want you to listen for some key points and questions: Why do you think Peter chose Naaman? What characteristics did you hear about Naaman that connect with you? How could Naaman influence your life? All of us have gotten advice or instructions from someone that we really don’t want to follow or believe will help. Naaman is a man who is used to people following his orders but I’m not too sure how comfortable he is with him being the follower. Especially following the advice of a young girl who is nothing more than a slave won in battle. Elisha tests him as well by not even bothering to meet with him. It ends up that Naaman’s servants are the ones who cajole him into doing what the prophet asked of him. And low and behold, Naaman is healed. And just like our Peter, Naaman’s outlook is changed and what has happened impacts his life. Peter will tell us how this story of Naaman has impacted his life as well as the story itself. All these Biblical characters have different points of connection in our lives and hopefully these few weeks of sharing will open our eyes not only to each other but also to the people of the Bible. Jay Robinson

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